Standards of Eligibility

  1. Eligible applicants will be a single individual or a two-person household in which at least one of the members is 62 years of age or older, or has a physical impairment that is of such nature that they would be eligible for a mobility impaired accessible apartment.
  2. Residents may occupy apartments with live-in attendants if assistance is essential to the resident's care and well-being. Such an aide or attendant will not be considered a member of the household and the attendant's income and assets will not be included in the financial information used to determine rent. Need for such a live-in attendant must be verified by a medical physician.
  3. Mobility impaired persons may have an apartment altered to suit their special needs. Such alterations must be applied in advance by the management and must be done at the expense of the resident. The management may require the resident to restore the apartment as his or her own expense when vacated.
  4. Assistance is available for the completion of the application, if needed.
  5. All applicants must meet the financial requirements of HUD for rental assistance (low or very low) and be eligible for rental assistance on the current contract rent at McCann Village. Income limits vary from year to year. Current income limits are available at McCann Village's office.
  6. Applicants must have the ability to pay monthly rent, plus a rental deposit equal to one month of rent for $50.00, whichever is greater. (Rents can be 30 percent of the adjusted income, $25.00 or 10 percent of monthly income.)